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The League of Monster Slayers

Autumn and new officers

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The game has been way down since a few months back - low population and it's reflected in LoMS active membership and chat. Still, there's new members coming in, and new players in SWL all the time. So I went and ninja-promoted a couple of good Lomsers and mates to help with herding cats:

@Trichelieu (EU-based), whom you may have seen around expounding on the wonders of cheese, and happily pounding away at Megabosses, once a week, for the benefit of our members and players at large.

Latest ninja-addition is @Unsafecrayon (East-coaster), who's been participating and helping out at any and all times, not just the East-coastish ones. They don't have a thing for cheese, that I know of. Maybe cider.

A New Year

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2018 has been tough for most everybody, and although we wiped epically a few times, maybe we now have our game in hand and 2019 will be only kittehs and fluffies for all <3

Through it all, LoMS is friends, our Secret Garden, our comfort zone. We have the bunny slippers, the Monster Hunter jacket could well be a ratty old bathrobe.

And LoMS abides.

We'll be here 2019, bashing mobs and baking cookies.

A Happy Happy, Happy New Year to you all!

Seven is a lucky number - New SWL Officers

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You’re all hired!

Welcome our new officers:

Winter Owl

and Trichelieu
(edit by Bagofcats to add the lastest - but not leastest - of the mostest)

(I’ll log on after work today and do the rank 4 promotion things.)

Looking for new officers

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We need to fill some rank 4 spots in the cabal. No one could ever replace MadLyric but we can do our best to keep her fun, silly and friendly spirit alive in the LoMS.

So, I’m looking for at least 3, possibly 4, people to be officers. Global coverage would be ideal, especially Oceania and Asia coverage. So if you play in a time when most of us are asleep, don’t be shy.

Job Responsibilities: Enforcing the Code of Conduct, inviting new members, and occasionally kicking members who violate the Code of Conduct. And letting Beecher pick your brains when she's trying to make a decision.
Job Requirements: Be an easy going and helpful person. Experience with the cabal a plus. Don’t be a dick. (If a dick is nominated, Beecher will exercise her right as tyrant and void the nomination.)
Officers do not have to log on every day, but being on a few times a week is helpful. We all have real life responsibilities.
Self-nominations will not be accepted, so poke a friend to nominate you if you...

SWL Loms get ready

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Funcom have announced that all TSW accounts in good standing (or good sleeping)will get an Beta invite Today June 9th.
Check your emails and come to Beta.

The Headstart has also been Announced and is set for June 23rd, its time for old friends to re-unite against the tide of the filth.
Really looking forward to seeing many of you in game once more :)

To paraphrase Gibbs from NCIS, Lom's Grab your Gear

Global Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct
Respect Others
All LoMS community members will at all times show respect to each other even if they do not share the same views. We do not tolerate rudeness or personal attacks of any kind either in-game or via these forums. If any player feels that another player has behaved badly towards them they should always contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader privately and explain what happened.

Player Disputes
All LoMS community members are required to resolve any disputes with other players in private and in a mature way. There will be zero tolerance of any public disputes either in-game or via these forums. If players are unable to resolve a dispute privately then they should contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader. Please remember we are team and should be working together!

Internal Behavior
The so called "drama queen" has no place in the LoMS community...

New to LoMS? Read me!

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How to become a Monster Slayer:
So you're looking to join us? Great! We have no formal application or recruitment process. Getting an invite is as simple as asking for one from one of our officers. Before requesting an invitation, please make sure you do the following:
  • Join the #LoMSGlobal channel: As a multi-faction cabal, we use this channel as our global chat channel. It's used for everything from organizing groups, discussing strategies, and simply chatting about cookies. To join the channel, just type /chat join lomsglobal in the chat window. Since SWL doesn't save the custom channels you've joined, we recommend downloading a script which will automatically join LoMSGlobal for you every time you log in. You can find the script here.
  • Read and agree to our Code of Conduct: LoMS is a fairly laid back cabal, but we do have a few rules that all members are...

Global Website Update & Changelog Thread

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EDIT: Cleaned up and merged all the threads for website changes, forum upgrades, etc. Any minor updates made to our website that don't add any new features will be posted here.

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