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SWL A change in leadership...

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Huzzah! The winds of change have blown, and with them comes the rule of Elal the first, protector of the realms and tank supreme! As some of you have already heard, one of our beloved officers, Elal, has been promoted to the level of Prime Minister (rank 5). He will share leadership with myself and sixofeight (MukYanChon) as a third of the triumvirate that guides The League. Unfortunately, this means that we officially lose Bagofcats as a head. Some of you newer Slayers might only know Bags from forum and Discord posts, but he has faithfully served LoMS for longer than I can remember. He will though, still serve as the liaison for ESO amongst Slayers, but will no longer have Prime Minister duties.

This is an important passing of the baton since all of the previous PMs have been shining examples of what The League is about. Elal will, no doubt, embody the virtues of our cabal and remain an integral part of our experiences in SWL. So let's all give our congratulations to him, either...

SWL And Our New Third Number One is: MukYanChon!

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It sort of feels like the wheel completed its turn, new beginnings after closing an era.

The Golden Age of LoMS was overseen by Beecher, MadLyric and Anuschka, a trinity of great players and mates (and women, yes, in case there are any troglodytes left in doubt). They made LoMS a byword among cabals - or guilds, or organizations, whatever the designation. I wish we could be half as good at what they did best: firmness, heart and clarity.

Life happens, as it does, and change is the norm. Anuschka, cat-herder and tank of great fun raids, was at the time finishing her thesis in Game Development. Once that was done with, she was left with no choice but to step down and leave the game: pursuing a career and breaking into that industry requires dedication beyond commitment. And then, the pandemic came. Fun times.

And here we are. There has always been three Prime Ministers at the top of LoMS. I guess there is safety in numbers. And it's quite on-brand with our version of planning...

SWL The 4th MEGAversary event is almost here!!

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MEGAversary 4th.jpeg

I can't believe it's been 4 years since Secret World Legends was launched, and love it or not (I know some of you still pine for the good 'ol TSW days), it's time to put on those festive outfits and beat on some Beehemoths!! And like years past, the SWL community is coming together to add to the celebration by running a variety of events. So if you are new to it all, make sure to log-on and take part in what is one of best examples of a still vibrant community. Let's make this great!!

Follow this link to see what special events are planned :)

SWL 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway

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Joy and positivity are needed more than ever as we enter the last few weeks of what was a hard year for everyone. So to help celebrate the holidays that are upon us, The League will be holding its Second Annual Holiday Giveaway. Help make this a success by simply replying to this post with your in-game name, and then sit back and wait till New Year's Day for a chance to win some excellent prizes. Also, if you are a friend of The League, meaning you have been a steady participant in the LoMS chat, then you are eligible to be a part of this celebration.

So let's all put the past behind us and start the New Year off with a bang, and of course cookies!!

1) Morganey will rename a character in his next novel after either your name or you character's name (nothing offensive)
2) A full set of 4-pip Imbuers (one each - weapon, talisman & glyph)
3) A full set of Energizing Empowerment Catalysts (one of each - signet, glyph...

New Cat-Herder-In-Chief: Welcome, UnsafeCrayon!

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For a long time, all the way back since the early days of TSW and LoMS, Beecher has been providing us with direction and and, literally, herding us along the core principles of Fun - Friendly - Helpful which have made this player organization into a household word. This is no mere hyperbole. The League is well-known, respected and loved in our mainstay Secret World, and also expanding and growing into other games. This has been very much due to Beecher's work and dedication, a labour of love if there ever was one.

After a time away from SWL, Beecher has decided the moment had come for someone else to step up and into her leadership boots. We have always had a sort of leading triumvirate, the latest version being Beecher, Anuschka and yours truly. Our main remit has been, beyond administration and promoting and demoting officers, interacting and coordinating in an official capacity with the environment outside the organization, it being the official representatives of the...

The Rebalance Patch is Here

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We have things! New shiny things! Same good old game, but new! And shiny!

Keep an eye on the builds and theory section for the dirty details. Here's the short and skinny:


Global May the 1st be with you - a new(ish) LoMSGlobal Discord

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I did a spring cleaning and dusting in Discord LoMSGlobal. So far, some very basic changes that should reflect the present situation, and hopefully make our Discord abode more alive as it becomes less of an SWL exclusivity.

There are now separate categories for each game where Slayers abide, with the old Discussion category kept for general purposes, much as it's being used now. Each game has it's own text and voice chat where people can have game specific discussions, and of course officers can create new channels ad-hoc and as necessary.

The category Activities is meant for voice channels where you can drop a raid or dungeon in whatever game, as needed - much as we used to do in TeamSpeak. Officers can create new activity channels if there's too much of a crowd, but so far the half dozen there are should be more than enough.

There's a new role, Raid Lead, with Priority Speaker, to ensure whoever is herding cats can make their voice heard loud and clear. I also shook the tree...

Global LoMS and cookies, and the apocalypse

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You may see some changes in the website (and more to come). And coming soon changes in our Discord LoMSGlobal too.

We've been running a hard-scrabble existence in SWL until now. Not quite by other SWL cabals standards, but still, the number of active players had dwindled outside events. Until now. The world's situation has contributed to a gaming boom, and we see new players coming to SWL, and to LoMS, as we're still the best choice in the half-arsed cabal category. That means laid back, casual and cookies.

It has been a growth season for other games too, and quite a few Lomsers have migrated and founded LoMS organisations elsewhere - and where the games do not support massive groups, there's still LoMS equivalents (Symmetric, for example, has a server on Fallout 76).

We thought those other baby-LoMS, and all the new players looking for connection, would be better served by a more up-to-date website and discord channel, that actually reflected the needs of this migration...

Cabal numbers and purge

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It's been the case since a year or so that trying to open the cabal or the friends list ingame will freeze the game. MukYanChon posted a thread on this, and solutions: Friend/Cabal List Problems - this will fix problems for most

Still and all, problems apparently persist for some and it's been recommended cabals do not keep big membership rosters, effectively lowering the cap from 1k members to 500 or less. We do what we must and new players experience is paramount - we do want them to have the greatest experience and get hooked :D

We will start by purging all toons that haven't been played since 2018 (keeping those played since 2019). Of course we don't want to delete toons belonging to active members, but there's no way to tell which toon belongs to which member so: if you own a toon that hasn't been played for a long time, reply to this thread with the toon's name - or PM me with the toon's name if...

New Spring Officer

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We have a new Spring Department Head in SWL, a rare flower, MukYanChon (goes by sixofeight too). Welcome to your new corner office and Gratz!

Event Cabal Pride 2020

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As usual, we will be there, with as many people as possible. Cookies and silly drinks are de rigueur. Nothing advanced, just show the flag, dance on the piano and stand there looking good in our Monster Hunter outfit - fluffy animal slippers and fez optional.

There'll also be competitions - if there's interest in participating representing LoMS (I include here the regulars of LoMSGlobal chat, even if not officially in the cabal because, reasons), please post your interest downstream.

Beyond that, if anyone has any idea for putting together a spectacular, we'll do our best to support it :)

Autumn and new officers

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The game has been way down since a few months back - low population and it's reflected in LoMS active membership and chat. Still, there's new members coming in, and new players in SWL all the time. So I went and ninja-promoted a couple of good Lomsers and mates to help with herding cats:

@Trichelieu (EU-based), whom you may have seen around expounding on the wonders of cheese, and happily pounding away at Megabosses, once a week, for the benefit of our members and players at large.

Latest ninja-addition is @Unsafecrayon (East-coaster), who's been participating and helping out at any and all times, not just the East-coastish ones. They don't have a thing for cheese, that I know of. Maybe cider.

Global Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct
Respect Others
All LoMS community members will at all times show respect to each other even if they do not share the same views. We do not tolerate rudeness or personal attacks of any kind either in-game or via these forums. If any player feels that another player has behaved badly towards them they should always contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader privately and explain what happened.

Player Disputes
All LoMS community members are required to resolve any disputes with other players in private and in a mature way. There will be zero tolerance of any public disputes either in-game or via these forums. If players are unable to resolve a dispute privately then they should contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader. Please remember we are team and should be working together!

Internal Behavior
The so called "drama queen" has no place in the LoMS community...

New to LoMS? Read me!

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How to become a Monster Slayer:
So you're looking to join us? Great! We have no formal application or recruitment process. Getting an invite is as simple as asking for one from one of our officers. Before requesting an invitation, please make sure you do the following:
  • Join the #LoMSGlobal channel: As a multi-faction cabal, we use this channel as our global chat channel. It's used for everything from organizing groups, discussing strategies, and simply chatting about cookies. To join the channel, just type /chat join lomsglobal in the chat window. Since SWL doesn't save the custom channels you've joined, we recommend downloading a script which will automatically join LoMSGlobal for you every time you log in. You can find the script here.
  • Read and agree to our Code of Conduct: LoMS is a fairly laid back cabal, but we do have a few rules that all members are...

Global Website Update & Changelog Thread

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EDIT: Cleaned up and merged all the threads for website changes, forum upgrades, etc. Any minor updates made to our website that don't add any new features will be posted here.