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SWL And Our New Third Number One is: MukYanChon!

It sort of feels like the wheel completed its turn, new beginnings after closing an era.

The Golden Age of LoMS was overseen by Beecher, MadLyric and Anuschka, a trinity of great players and mates (and women, yes, in case there are any troglodytes left in doubt). They made LoMS a byword among cabals - or guilds, or organizations, whatever the designation. I wish we could be half as good at what they did best: firmness, heart and clarity.

Life happens, as it does, and change is the norm. Anuschka, cat-herder and tank of great fun raids, was at the time finishing her thesis in Game Development. Once that was done with, she was left with no choice but to step down and leave the game: pursuing a career and breaking into that industry requires dedication beyond commitment. And then, the pandemic came. Fun times.

And here we are. There has always been three Prime Ministers at the top of LoMS. I guess there is safety in numbers. And it's quite on-brand with our version of planning and organizing. Quis herdes ipsos cat-herders? Or is it cat-herdae? But I digress.

We're happy to recognize, and formalize, the work and heart being put by MukYanChon - better known ingame as six-of-eight - on the European side of the time-space continuum.

Welcome Muk!

The LoMS abides.

Yours truly,
Baggus Cattus