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New Cat-Herder-In-Chief: Welcome, UnsafeCrayon!


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For a long time, all the way back since the early days of TSW and LoMS, Beecher has been providing us with direction and and, literally, herding us along the core principles of Fun - Friendly - Helpful which have made this player organization into a household word. This is no mere hyperbole. The League is well-known, respected and loved in our mainstay Secret World, and also expanding and growing into other games. This has been very much due to Beecher's work and dedication, a labour of love if there ever was one.

After a time away from SWL, Beecher has decided the moment had come for someone else to step up and into her leadership boots. We have always had a sort of leading triumvirate, the latest version being Beecher, Anuschka and yours truly. Our main remit has been, beyond administration and promoting and demoting officers, interacting and coordinating in an official capacity with the environment outside the organization, it being the official representatives of the game, other organizations and players in general. Being the face of Fun - Friendly - Helpful.

There are many players that fit that description, this is the League of Monster Slayers after all. The choices are many. But in the end we have to choose one. There is one player that has been running, participating, organizing, always polite, and been there with a kind word, help and love (and hugs, lots of hugs!) - in sum, fun, friendly and helpful.

It is my privilege to welcome UnsafeCrayon to Primeministership, hanging an official shingle on what they anyway been doing all the time :)

Players, as do cats, come and go. LoMS abides.

Fun - Friendly - Helpful

Rare image of UnsafeCrayon in the wild. Who apparently has been at it with their crayons. Again.
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Beecher left me big shoes to fill, but I promise to always keep The League's best interests in mind as I step into those shoes. I have always maintained that LoMS has been very good to me, so I want to do my best to keep it a fun, relaxed and safe place for players to come and spend their hours. We have a great group of people, and for all it's shortcoming, we have a great game that all of us obviously love, so I want to do my best to feed both of those to keep it all something we want to come back to each day.

Just remember, that I'm still that player that dances on boxes in Agartha :p



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Congrats UnsafeCrayon, you are awesome!

Beecher, you will be missed as fearless leader! I still remember my very first encounter with you fondly. You have always been exactly the kind of leader that has earned LoMS it's reputation! You are beloved for good reason!

That having been said, I know that the current leadership will continue to do good deeds and lead the cabal well! You are all worthy successors!