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Global Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct
Respect Others
All LoMS community members will at all times show respect to each other even if they do not share the same views. We do not tolerate rudeness or personal attacks of any kind either in-game or via these forums. If any player feels that another player has behaved badly towards them they should always contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader privately and explain what happened.

Player Disputes
All LoMS community members are required to resolve any disputes with other players in private and in a mature way. There will be zero tolerance of any public disputes either in-game or via these forums. If players are unable to resolve a dispute privately then they should contact a LoMS Officer or LoMS Leader. Please remember we are team and should be working together!

Internal Behavior
The so called "drama queen" has no place in the LoMS community. Anyone who continually stirs up arguments, flames, or causes any other sort of unrest will be dealt with.

Always take some time to THINK before you speak or post, and don't take offense easily! It is very easy to phrase things badly or say something quickly you did not really mean, especially if English is not your first language. We all do it! So before taking offense or responding take some time for the other person to correct what they said or ask to clarify what they meant. 9/10 what you took as being offensive was not intended!

External Behavior
When dealing with other players in-game please try to keep arguments and disputes to a minimum. If there has been an argument with a person or group, make sure you discuss it with an Officer or Leader before escalating the situation further!

When you are in the LoMS community please remember that you represent us in everything you do and say in-game and on any forums where you display our tag, and the way you interact with others can have a HUGE impact on how well we meet our in-game objectives and are perceived by others.

Player Inactivity
As a semi-casual community it is perfectly acceptable for members to want to take 'time out' from a game.

Breaking the Rules
The LoMS community policy we have is fair and is designed to provide a solid framework so that all members know exactly what is acceptable and what is not. As such we hope that everyone will abide by our policy and enjoy the game!

Any member that goes against LoMS community policy will be issued with a formal warning. After two warnings that member will be removed from a faction with no exceptions. Any warnings and removals will be carried out by a LoMS Leader. Anyone that is removed in this way may not return.

The League of Monster Slayers take pride in the fact that we are a friendly and honest community. Cheating and purposely exploiting the game is not allowed. Openly talking about exploiting and or cheating in any LoMS Chat is not acceptable behavior. Getting banned due to purposely exploiting will result in disciplinary action. First offense will be a friendly warning, second offense will be a final warning and could result in a demotion if you are an officer. Third offense and you will be removed from the community. The disciplinary actions are cumulative for all games the LoMS community plays, not per game.

-Amendment 1
Verbally abusive behavior that includes berating and name calling of community mates or non-LoMS members, once verified by an officer, may result in immediate expulsion from the community.
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