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Official, regular, LoMS Megabosses run

When are you available to do Megabosses?

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The Secret World Officer
NeuroPsych and I are going to start running some Megabosses on a regular basis as an official LoMS thing. But to make it a real thing, I need to know when most people can make it, in terms of time of the week and time of the day.

In terms of practical terms, it'd be a full LoMS (or LoMS affiliated) summoning group, preferably with the new blood in so they get the bonus rewards. We'll be doing all four bosses, depending on quantities/whims.

So here, have a poll! Please vote for all the days/times that you think you can/want to be there, and if you have a precise timeframe you can be there post it as well.

For reference:
  • I can do it pretty much every evening of the week, and all day during the weekends (saturday and sunday), being in Western Europe
    • tldr: evenings GMT during the week and all day GMT during the weekends
  • Neuro can on their evenings from monday till thrusday, and all day the rest of the week, being on the East Coast
    • tldr: night GMT from monday to thrusday and afternoon/evening/night the rest of the week.
If other people want to tank it at times that are not those, don't hesitate to post it below!