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Wildstar WildStar: The Road to Free-to-Play


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As Ahkronn posted the stream Wildstar is going free to play in the fall with that being said, if anyone in the League of Monster Slayers is interested of retrying the game or trying WS for the first time you are more than welcome, we will greet you with fuzzy Chua arms. We are playing Dominion, we do have an Exile LoMS which was the original guild but at this time on it has been very dormant, At this time I will create a legal monster slayer circle when free to play is launched for now and see if we can create a LoMS guild in the Dominion, don’t know is guild name restrictions are still in effect.

As free to play is coming soon a lot of questions have been asked, this is not buy to win they are not selling any power ups for weapons, gear and gadgets. There are more answers in the FAQ that Ahkronn posted and also the stream states what their plans are for free to play. So hop on your spaceship and get your cupcake butt towards Nexus in the fall we will be here.