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Who is Phillip Marquad?


Seven for a secret, never to be told.
This theory may have already been suggested but I think Phillip Marquad is King Solomon. From Call of the Nameless we know that Solomon was so clever and/or powerful that he was able to imprison an all-powerful Jinn. The lore from that issue implies that he found away to survive from age to age like Lilith. If they've both been around for four eternities they probably met at some point. It's not unthinkable then that when Lilith was setting up a cult as part of her evil plan she would hire her old friend Solomon to lead it, and then wily and devious Solomon decided to betray her so he could seize the power of the dreaming ones for himself!
Granted it's little more than speculation at this point but that's where I think the story's headed. Why would they give him a whole lore section in global; persons if Solomon wasn't a major part of the main story? And...


The New Dawn mission told us that the next zone is the Congo. I'll bet you a laceration signet that we visit King Solomon's mines while we're there.
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I'd just like it if they were consistent with the spelling of his name. He's referred to as "Marquard", "Marquad", and the Blooded even call him "Marguard."
Phillip Marquad and the Morning light in general have made a very basic mistake.
Most possibly due to mis hearing something said to him by the dreaming ones a long time ago.

I have killed a lot of Blooded, cultists and various filthy creatures along the way and can confirm thay are Not made of Stars.
Thay where all in fact made of Shards

We are all made of Shards....