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Weekly-ish MBs runs?


The Secret World Officer
Since I am king of the bad ideas, here's another one.
I've asked a few times already why we don't do something with all those MBs essences taking up space in the bank, and I know a few other Slayers would like to run some (not to mention those that need the cheevos).
So if someone can show me/explain to me how to tank them, I can give a try at running them. I know they're boring, but there are bonus rewards for the summoning group at least (and maybe for the cabal mates? I'm sketchy on that part). So a weekly thing is not too often (and thus not too boring) and can still be profitable.


mightier than the sword
If you had a set time, I might be able to log on early and help out. I'm at least interested in the idea. But as for tanking, I haven't done MB's so I would be no help with that, strictly pew pew. Good idea though, lets use those essences.


The Secret World Officer
I'm just going to perform some necromancy and resurrect this thread.
NeuroPsych showed interest in tanking some MBs earlier. And by "showed interest" I mean started to tank three of three as I logged.
Now, with quite a few more people having joined LoMS over the past days/weeks, I think we really ought to set up a regular killing spree.
This way, we get people the cheevos, we get the new blood some sweet sweet loot so long as they're in the summoning group, we remind people that we Slayers are still around and up to some shenanigans, plus we clear some space in the bank.

Anyways, what I meant to say was: would enough people be interested for me (or someone) to set up a poll as to the days/times for this?
And would people have an idea for a blurb to put in a script when we want to call those MBs? I already forgot what I came up with earlier...