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Global Website Update & Changelog Thread

hmm think its random generated and then you can change it when you log in, i disabled the activation by admin now, your account has been approved, anyone else registering now will have to activate by using the email you get.
Add - add photo button in the top bar

No Add in here.
The forums have been updated to XenForo 1.1.5. This is a minor update with mostly bug fixes and should not have an impact on any of the features on the site. If you do encounter any problems, please let us know!

XenForo 1.2 is also on the way and will introduce a ton of great new features. It's currently in early beta testing, and once a final version is released, we'll upgrade to the new version.
XenForo 1.2 is now in the Release Candidate stage, which means a final version is coming in the next few weeks. This is a major update that introduces a ton of new features, and we'll be upgrading when it becomes available.

As with any major software update, there may be compatibility issues. It may take weeks or months for all of the addons we use for our forums to be certified as fully compatible with the new version. As many of the addons we use are very popular within the XenForo community, I don't expect it to take very long until they are all compatible with 1.2. However, because the update includes some very important security and performance improvements, we can not hold off on upgrading indefinitely because of a broken addon or two.

In this thread, I'd like to ask what your favorite add-on features of the forums are, and which ones you could live without - at least temporarily. Some of the major ones we use are:
  • Portal/Home Page
  • Chat System (black bar at the bottom)
  • Shoutbox (chat box on the forum home page)
  • Post Ratings (like/dislike/funny/winner/etc.)
  • Events (event scheduling and signups)
  • Media (video sharing)
Some of the minor ones include:
  • Extra BBCodes (spoiler tag, accordion grouping, support for external media sites)
  • Steam authentication and integration
  • Collapsible forum categories
  • Several admin tools
And, of course, our custom theme, which will need to be updated to be compatible with any template changes introduced in 1.2.
I'm really looking forward to the update and I hope you are too. A preview of some of the major new features in 1.2 can be found here. Please let us know what you think!
For me:
Extra BBCodes (Spoiler tags are awesome!)

I never use the Chat or Media sharing and I don't have Steam.
For me:

Extra BBCodes (especially spoiler tags, like MadLyric said)

The shoutbox is cool, but not something I regularly use.
Can we get a timezone clock that actually works? So we can create events and everyone can see them in their local timezone?

I mean surely this can't be rocket science
chatbar will most likely work with either xenforo version as its stand-alone so that will work for sure :)
Other than Events and Extra BBCodes I don't use the other features that much.

Can we get a timezone clock that actually works? So we can create events and everyone can see them in their local timezone?

I mean surely this can't be rocket science

*looks around for a screwdriver* By the way what is Xenforo based on? PHP? ASP?