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Global Website Update & Changelog Thread

I got a few PMs suggesting that our default style is a bit "busy". If you prefer something a little lower-fidelity, you can switch the forum style to the standard XenForo skin. To change styles, click the style name in the bottom left corner of any page (the default one is named "LoMS Default") and select "XenForo Standard".


Please note that note that no modifications were made to the default style's templates, so a few of the addons we have installed may be incompatible with it. All of the important ones (portal, events system, shoutbox, post ratings, etc.) should work just fine.
My work computer sucks, and the hover menus on the top piss me off a lot, so I'm now using the default theme.
edited the menu's to have an arrow you need to mouse over now, still a pain in the ass tho gonne see if i can make it so you need to click the button for the menu to come
I have also created a child theme of the standard XenForo style that uses Helvetica (or its redheaded stepchild Arial) and Verdana for readability. Look for it in the style switcher.
I have now change location of where the ts3 is.. Hope to avoid the down time that the ts3 has had the last 40 days...

So new IP/Port

Hostname: ts60.gameservers.com
Server Port: 9235
Location: New York / New Jersey
Thanks for being so diligent about this LT! ts.lomsglobal.com will still point to the old server until Xenthal updates it, so anyone using that as a shortcut will want to connect using the address above for the time being.
The forums have been updated to XenForo 1.1.4. This is a minor update that mostly fixes bugs.

If you encounter any issues that may have arisen from this update, please report them!
Our style has also been updated to be compatible with 1.1.4.

In the process, a few templates had to be reverted to default, losing their customizations. We'll get it fixed as quickly as we can. :)
Hmm.. cant see the chat bar anymore :(

Tested with Opera (mac) and Chrome (win7)

[Edit] Works now ^^ [/Edit]