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Global Website Update & Changelog Thread

Updated 27.03.2013 - 21:06 GMT:
Website succesfully moved and now working on the new server. This will bring alot better stability and quality.
Thank you.

I will be moving the website to a new host once its ready to be done, this means you shouldnt post anything new for the moment, i will post when its ready to be used again. Thank you for your patience.
performance on this server is pretty crappy and i got a better deal so im moving this whole thing over to the new host once its ready for it, in about an hour, nothing will change for anyone except for performance :p but due to having to export/import database its easier if no one posts anything because then i have keep making new backups :p
Updated 29.03.2013 - 01:24 AM GMT:
I decided to go with cometchat, its pretty much the same just with more features (multiplayer/singleplayer games, back to top button,etc.)
It has the ability to have 1on1 conversations and to join one of the chatrooms that i set up or to create one yourself. It also has a mobile app available on android, iOs and blackberry. (its for free on iOs, im not sure about the others but i think its free) To connect using it just type in the website address in the app and use your website login name + password. This app is really great and will allow you to chat with anyone that is logged in on the website or join any of the available chatrooms.
I hope everyone will enjoy this latest addition to our new social hub and thanks to everyone that donated for making this possible.

Hey all i just added Arrowchat, its a facebook style bottom bar that will remain everywhere on the website (you can use the icon on the right to show/hide) this bar will allow you to live chat with any logged in member or join/create an chatroom for multiple person conversation.

This bar is not for free and is currently running on a 10 day trial to see if we like it, if we do i can use some of the donated money to purchase the 45 USD license.
You can now access a streamlined version of the forums optimized for your mobile device using the Tapatalk app!

The app is available for iOS devices on the App Store (iPhone/iPod touch - iPad) and for Android devices on Google Play (Phone - Tablet).

To connect, simply visit the site from your mobile device and a message should pop up. Just tap OK and it'll launch Tapatalk. Search for The League of Monster Slayers, log in with your forum account, and you're set!
Love it :)

only comment i can make is the white background as it hurts my eyes after playing for a while and then coming on here?
We've already toned down the colors a bit - they used to be pure white. Any more gray and there's not going to be any contrast left.
I have added a TS3 status widget into the chatbar that can be used to display our Teamspeak server's info and details. There is also a widget on the frontpage of the website wich can be clicked to go to gametracker.com's listing for our teamspeak server.
Also is it now possible to connect directly to ts using ts.lomsglobal.com:9101 as address instead of the gameservers address. Password still the same.

In addition i have installed a backup TS3 server on our server that can be turned on/off by officers whenever its needed. Never shall we have a teamspeak less moment ever again :)

When the main teamspeak is down contact one of the officers and he/she will turn the backup one on for you.
The address for the backup TS is: ts2.lomsglobal.com
I'm trying to connect from Android, and when I enter a room I get the message: "The site has not yet been configured. Please contact the site owner to resolve this issue. 0x719". And then the app crashes.