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Event Valentine’s Day Card Contest!

Added to Calendar: 01-31-19, 02-01-19, 02-02-19, 02-03-19, 02-04-19, 02-05-19, 02-06-19, 02-07-19, 02-08-19, 02-09-19, 02-10-19, 02-11-19


Its that time of year when Love is apparently in the Air.
To celibate this Money spinner for card shops time of year (im not Bitter Honest), Funcom are running a create your own valentines card Contest.

Create a valentines card for any NPC, Rock, Tree or particularity intreging bush in the game using a maximum of 200 words.
Add a picture and send to contest@funcom.com.
Closing Date is February 11th, 2019 at 11:59pm EST/5:59am CET.


There are participation prizes and so forth.
Full details are Here:-
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I have far to many silly ideas for this one....
Need to narrow it down a little and think of a picture to go with :)


I have my first entry ready :)
My 2nd may or may not happen, it all depends on getting the right screenshot from a cut scean..