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US Evening/Weekend Weekly Regionals?

Pick your time!

  • Tuesday, around 7-9pm Eastern (pre-MEZ)

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Friday, around 6-8pm Eastern

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Saturday/Sunday mornings (~9-10am Eastern)

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Saturday/Sunday evenings, around 8-10pm Eastern

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


LoMS Member
Hey all,

I've been debating trying to set up a US evening or weekend weekly lair/regional slot. So I'm checking to see if there's interest, and if so, for what day/times. I'd probably be tanking (I'm pretty sure I can convince Levsky to help me fine tune any aggro-hold issues), and I've tanked lairs and regionals in TSW and done a small bit of it in SWL.

Lairs would focus on CotSG, BF, and maybe Kaidan, as I want to get my grubby little hands on more Neophytes and Cruel Delights. Regionals would probably focus on spiders and birds, if I can tank them successfully (and get the interrupt down for the spiders), just because those are the ones we'll get the most of in those areas.

This would be a once per week thing, if we got the attendance.

Feel free to respond here, or in Discord. I'm Spellsmith#5128


Cat Delivery System
Slayer of Spam
I think it's an excellent idea :) Being in Europe limits my choices though, depending on when. Evening is when for you?


LoMS Member
Indeed. 7pm EST = midnight GMT. 10pm EST = 3am GMT

Conversely, for the morning option, 9-10am EST is about 2pm-3pm (14:00 - 15:00) GMT.


LoMS Member
I'm actually US Central timezone, so neither ;) But EST is 'Eastern' time; I use that because Americans almost always know where they are in comparison to EST, and EST is usually the closest (and thus most familiar) to EU people.


The Secret World Officer
Weekend mornings, if you can get on around 7-8 AM Eastern Time, are usually good times because the AUS/NZ contingent are not up extremely late at that point. When DST ends/begins again 8-10 AM Eastern syncs up not-horribly with East USA / Europe / AUS/NZ


LoMS Member
I'd be interested - I'm CST and also have a pretty flexible playing schedule, but as of right now, I'm probably not geared enough for most of it yet.


LoMS Member
Hey everyone,

It's been a little over a week, and only three people voted on times (one of which was me). That's not enough to do a full 5 man group, much less a 10 man regional or lair run, so I am shelving this idea. While I'm available US times to help with dungeons, there doesn't appear to be enough interest to actively organize them.


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It maybe partly that not many people actually saw the post. My experience of the game is that websites are used more as a reference repository than as a live thing, so peeps tend not to visit for news. On the other hand, Discord is pretty sleepy too. I don't know about Twitter, as I don't have that.

But now with winter season on there should be more players coming in. I'd say give it a go for another week, and post on Disc and Twit. Maybe a script in chat announcing and linking to this post? I'd do that, but I'm playing restricted european times (so not the right public) for another week until pre-xmas work stress has cleared


I haven't voted as I am in the wrong time zone being in the UK, so probly not your target audience anyhoo.

Baggie is right, most people do not even visit the forums once a week at the moment and discord has quietened down.
Most probly to Christmas stuff also as Baggie said.
Pesky real life stuff getting in the way of playtime.

I will make a script to spam chat for you later today.
I think its a great idea to have things scheduled, helps plan your week and gives people a reason to log on at that time.