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The new book (TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION) is out on Kindle Unlimited!


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Priced competitively, with the print version to follow. TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION are a bunch of stories in the same universe as FROZEN DREAMS, so they’re all post-apocalyptic fantasy. If you liked FROZEN DREAMS there’s a Tom Vargas novelette in there (which is completely separate from TINSEL RAIN. the sequel to FROZEN DREAMS); there's a self-contained story from MORGAN BAROD (the next book scheduled for publication). Just to clarify: the contest winner from Christmas is going to have a character in either MORGAN BAROD or TINSEL RAIN, but won't be showing up here.



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and a great name to have in an SFF book with that story arc, Spider - that is if you're not insisting to go in under your real name, Engelbert Humperdinck :p