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Other Games The Evil Within 2

I have been playing "The Evil Within 2"
£39.99 on Steam
So here are my impressions

Game is sluggish - I have a 3.6 GB CPU, 32GB RAM and an NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 but the game doesn't respond instantly by any means. It's not unplayable but can be very frustrating at times.
There are 17 chapters and my first playthrough took 30 hours, 54 minutes on casual (pathetic wimp but I find it difficult) level. Also I managed to miss 1 side quest and a whole bunch of keys, files and slides. (slides viewed on the projector in your room give green gel from your suddenly/mysteriously acquired cat.)

The Xbow is back but the firepower is otherwise better looking than in "The Evil Within" (EW1)
Automatic pistol, pistol w silencer, burst firing pistol and finally your old revolver
Sawn off Pump action shotgun, Double barrelled SG and what could be a Winchester 1200 Defender in matte black
Sniper rifle - magazine fed but still bolt action not sure of type looks vaguely dragunov (ish)
Assault Rifle - could be a Sig Saur SIG516
Magnum (but only after first playthrough)
Like I said some cool looking guns - much better than the ones in EW1

The game takes place in a new STEM construct, an idealised vision of Smalltown America called Union which is beginning to disintegrate. There is also a tunnel/lab setup to get from one part of Union to another. Consequently there is not the variety of level design that you got in EW1. This makes sense from the plot point of view but it lacks a little on the creativity front.
Nurse Tatiana is back with her Green Gel machine to upgrade yourself with and there are workbenches scattered around to upgrade your weapons as well as ammo pouches that increase the amount of ammo you can carry of a particular type. The good nurse is looking much better and is much more talkative (at times - sometimes all you get is "how am I ever going to finish these nails if you keep interrupting me") than in EW1.

As I mentioned at the beginning there are a lot of files to collect and read which offer some insight into what Mobius is trying to accomplish with STEM, did you know that each subject inside Union is worth several thousand Exobytes of RAM/data storage? Maybe they are planning to have a computer capable of playing EW2 properly.
There is a stealth aspect to the game and you can go through the game avoiding all but a couple of boss fights if you like. From what I understand of some Steam reviews stealth is real important on the harder difficulty levels. There are also a couple of bits (not full chapters) where stealth is the only way to go - curse these indestructible baddies.

Sooo.... Do you wanna buy this game?
I should mention that any amount of stress causes my hands to shake badly so yeah anything other than casual is seriously difficult for Mary Anne of the shaky hand here. However I understand that upper difficulty settings do offer a real challenge for those who want it. It may even be like Outlast or similar hide or die kind of games. But plenty of shooting (for those who want it) on the lower end of the difficulty scale. The boss battles do not require you to run around activating flame pipes like that notorious struggle on level 8? of EW1.
I have spent 100 hours and some minutes on the game (ain't it great having school holidays off?) and I regard it as worth £39.99 of my money.

P.S. Make sure you got a good computer or Playbox99 or whatever it is.