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The Buzzing: Info Roundup


Male Stripper
Ooh... Did not notice this in the Devstream:

* Vendors in Agartha will be updated in the next patch and will also feature an alternate color of the current cache outfit in exchange for 3rd Age Fragments. Vendor inventories will shuffle around more frequently and will feature other new variants of cosmetics.
I mean, I heard the bit about the color variation being available for purchase, but not about the other vendors' stock being rotated.

Damon T

LoMS Member
Thanks for the heads up.
However, is there a way, that I cannot find to expand the Funcom points to Aurum section, or are they just taking the p**s?

Edit: I am referring to the entry for 1st September.

Damon T

LoMS Member


The Wendy-Bird, Dragon Officer
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Thanks for attempt Madlyric, but that link does not continue the sentence, nor anything following the text from the Reddit post, namely:
" We're aware of the concerns you expressed with the conditions of this service, and after serious investigation, deliberation, and furled brows, we are happy to announce... "
Hence the comment about whether they thought they were being cute.
Oh sorry. I misunderstood what you were asking. That's the lead in for the Legacy Transfer Part 2 point