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Teamspeak changed server April 17th 2018.


CEO StarSitizen
Dear Customer,

Regarding the following subscriptions:

50 Player Teamspeak 3 [ts60.gameservers.com:9235]

We are migrating your voice server to a new machine on Tuesday, April 17th between 11:00am and 12:00pm EDT (3pm and 4pm GMT) You should be using the hostname for your service (xxxxx.gameservers.com or xxxxx.gamespeak.com). If you utilize this, you should not see a significant disruption. However, if you have difficulty connecting after the maintenance window, you can temporarily use the new IP: Please note, the old IP ( will no longer work once the migration is complete. All data will be moved, so there should be no data loss during the migration. Thank you, and have a good day.
So if you use "ts60.gameservers.com:9235" nothing needs to change, but if you use IP it need change "old IP (" to "new IP:" between 11:00am and 12:00pm EDT (3pm and 4pm GMT).

"ts.lomsglobal.com:9235" is that "ts60.gameservers.com:9235" or IP?

EDT – Eastern Daylight Time (Time Zone Abbreviation)


edit: The ":9235" after the IP so no problems getting on the right server ;)
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ts60.gameservers.com:9235 is the ticket!

IP: dropped me into a very weird server for Scales and Tails... ;/


CEO StarSitizen
If you take "" it should take you til the right server. Like we're number 9235 on the server, if you only typed "" of course your getting on the first one.

And my bad for not telling anything about it :oops: