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ESO Suggested add-ons - creature comforts for the modern player


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Add-ons simplify life. A lot. A huge honking heap of a lot. Like home appliances. Not using add-ons is an exercise in excruciating stoicism. Unless you're a hobbit and live in a hole in the ground without internet. Don't be a luddite.

There's many add-ons out there. Some are very specific for very limited uses, and which you may never need. Others are outdated and don't quite work well with the game, if at all - and ESO is updated and patched regularly, so add-ons must keep up. And then there's choice: personal taste and playing style.

FIRST, install Minion: ESO - A starter kit for shiny new players
THEN, run Minion to select, install and update your add-ons

See the description for each one in Minion, this is just a plain(ish) list. A discussion of the add-ons whys and wherefores will be found after the lists
(Coming Soon)

Please contribute your suggestions and preferences in the thread - I'll edit and add to the list accordingly.

Must-haves for all seasons
(whatever you like to do in ESO, you need these)
Advanced Filters - Updated
Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
EasyTravel (the more guild mates, the better it works, obviously)
Lui Extended
MiniMap (I use Fyrakin's, but there are others)
NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting)
SupressErrorMessage (not just because they're annoying and just for debugging, but error messages can break add-on functionality - switch on in Settings if you need the info for Support or debug)

Good to Have
(a mixed bag for both the specialist and the generalist)
Combat Metrics
Display Leads with Location Info
Dungeon Champions
Harven's Improved Skills Window
Light Attack Helper (as long as weaving is still a thing)
Lost Treasure
Raid Notifier
Rare Fish Tracker
Sell Ornate Items
Votan's Fisherman
Votan's Fish Fillet
Votan's Improved Locations
Votan's Improved Quests
Votan's Keybinder
Votan's Rune Tooltips

Crafting, Harvesting, & Trading
(these three avocations go together more often than not - must-haves)
Arch's Enhanced Crafting
Awesome Guildstore
CraftStore Harrowstorm
Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter
ESO Master Recipe List
Lost Treasure
Master Merchant or Arkadius Trade Tools, or both (but really?!)
Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)
Research Assistant
Tamriel Trade Centre
Unknown Tracker (Stylepages/Motifs/Recipes/Furniture...)
Votan's Fish Fillet
Votan's Fisherman
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New addon: Display Leads - all the needs of the serious Antiquities Hunter
Lost Treasures: new library dependencies (libnotifications & libsavedvars) - install them on minion
added Superstar to the list of good optionals
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