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SWL Suggested add-ons and mods


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SWL Mods & Add-ons

What are they?

Mods are mostly quality of life enhancements / replacements for the UI. They do not affect game mechanics or allow you to cheat. But they add a lot of missing helpful information to the standard UI dialogues.

Where do they come from and are they safe to use?

There are quite a few programmers that did mods for TSW.
Some of them work just the same in SWL, some got an overhaul for SWL. A lot have been added since the relaunch.
All listed mods work in SWL. But you should be aware that if the game client gets updated by Funcom, there is a small chance that a mod might crash or result in weird behavior until the programmers have updated the mod accordingly.

Don't panic. If you think a mod might be the source of crashes / problems, just quit the game client and move the folder(s) to a different location (like the desktop). Then restart the client and check if the problem persists.
Some of the programmers can be reached via discord, questions can also be asked in the mods section of the official secret world legends discord.

How to get them?
All mods listed below contain a link to their download location.
You might come across links that point to curseforge and twitch. Be careful. Curseforge contains a lot of outdated mods.
The general recommendation from the mod programmers is to not download mods from twitch, since that installer doesn't work reliably.
I have used direct links to the programmers github repositories whenever possible, you will find the most recent versions there.

How to install them?
Almost all mods come as a zip containing 3 files. A .SWF file (the actual code) and some .XML files for preferences.

1. If you are running the standalone Funcom game client, the default path to put the mods is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\<modname>\
(adapt that accordingly if you installed to a different drive or directoy).

2. If you are running the steam based game client, the default directory is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\<modname>\
(adapt that accordingly if you installed steam or your library to a different drive or directoy).

3. Important:
a. Each mod must be in its own directory. Some programmers include that directory in their zip files, some don't. But the mod will not work if you put the files directly in the \Flash\ folder.
b. The name of that directory should contain no fancy charts or spaces

So as an example, my directory tree looks like this after i installed the cabal/friendlist mod:

And the content of the GuildListPerformanceFix is:

c. Mods get only loaded at game start. So if you install or update a mod, you need to restart the game
d. As soon as a mod gets loaded/run, the game client will create backup copies of the .XML files, prefixed with a "b".
If you install a new version of that mod, delete the b*.XML files or empty the directory completely.

4. Most mods will have a control icon in game for settings etc. These may be very small (to fit in the top menu bar of the game)

How to uninstall them?

If you want to get rid of a mod, just move the whole mod folder out of the \Flash\ folder and restart the game.

How to get help?

First and always: ask in #LoMSGlobal chat.
Look if the download link contains a method of contact.


I want to take on the world!
List of tested mods:

AgentSwitcherStarfoxDPSWill autoswitch the optimal druid agent with 10% dmg boost based on targeted enemy or zoneGithub
AS HelperEctawemSpreadsheet to calc AgentSwitcher Lines for certain zones/bosses and buildsWeb
AgentTweaksXeioAgent NetworkAdds a lot of info for better handling the agents/missions like exhaust, affinity, bonus matchGithub
AgentViewerStarfoxAgent NetworkShows the agents you are missing incl. how to get them/sourceGithub
ALIATheckhdUIShow phases, pod info and more for the NY RaidGithub
AutoRepairStarfoxGeneralAuto repairs your anima essence after deathGithub
BagUtilXeioGeneralEasy way to open and sell lootbags per typeGithub
BooBuildsBoorishGeneralThe best way to manage your builds, incl. weapons, talisman, AA, gadget, agents and even outfitsGithub
BooSprintBoorishGeneralAuto-sprint and quick selection from all your sprints and petsGithub
ClickableNameTagsStarfoxGeneralTagging of other players with reticule instead of ctrl+tab
descendent.hud.reticleDescentdentUIHead up display of health, weapons, etc. around the reticuleGithub
DoubleAgentStarfoxMissionsLets you see the mission turn in debriefings of the other factionsGithub
EffectsUILegendsIcarusjamesUISwiss army knife of visualizing bufs, stacks, etc. If you run NYR or dungeons, that one is for you.
Config-guide soon.
GadgetmanagerStarfoxUIQuick-pick menu of gadgets without opening the inventoryGithub
GuildlistPerformanceFixLadyPhoenixBugfixPrevents the friends and cabal list from freezing/crashing the game if there are a lot of names in it by preventing autorefreshGitHub
HPPStarfoxUIAdds percentage to the healthbars of enemies. Very useful to see when fight phases triggerGithub
InfarmerValyrieUIVisualize counts for mob and achievement farmingCurseforge
KeyconfirmStarfoxUIenables F/ESC Key for yes/no dialoguesGithub
KrampusTrackerStarfoxGeneralHighlights Krampus (Krampi? whatever the plural of Krampus is) during christmas event in your vicinityGithub
LaircooldownsStarfoxUIAdds lair cooldown times to your cooldown dialogue.Github
LairTrackerStarfoxGeneralHighlights lair collectables, New Dawn collectablesGithub
LoreHoundEarthFireDrakeGeneralHighlights lore/legends in your vicinity, lot of config optionsGithub
maXPertStarfoxUIShows the amount of XP needed for the next level of your gear and displays warning if you put in too much. Also returns your items to the original inventory slot by right clicking themGithub
meeehrPackBentschiUIAdds to the top bar menu: Real world clock, friends/cabalies online, lag in ms, fps rate, map coordinates (autosprint and autopet are not relyable, delete delete them and use boosprint). See also TopbarAdditions modCurseforge
missionAlertsStarfoxAgent NetworkAlerts you if a special reward or agent dossier missions gets available to startGithub
MobMarkersXeioGeneralHighlights all enemies in the area (e.g. nice for occult defense)Github
ODMapStarfoxUIAlternative Map for Occult Defense scenarios with better visibility of special mob typesGithub
SpeedRunTimerStarfoxUILets you measure the time for mission completionGithub
TopbarAdditionsStarfoxUIEnhancement for Topbar menu, e.g. corrects collision of agent network symbol with meeehrpackGithub
TradepostutilXeioAuctionhouseShow if items in the AH slots have expired and what price they had. Also quicksearch from inventory with RMCGithub
TSWACTBoorishLogparserPlugin for ACT, ingame-visualization. See ACTCurseforge
ACTLogparser (external prog)Program to parse combat log files and create reports. See separate guideACT Website
UtaMadreStarfoxUIHelps keeping track of stacks, health and casts in penthouse dungeonGitHub
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I want to take on the world!
Edit: replaced TSWACT download link with curseforge since git only contains the sourcecode. Thanks Baggie!