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SC Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 is live.


LoMS Member
Do we have a chapter or Org in SC? What is it called?

Also does anyone play Elite Dangerous I have been needing a space fix this week so have been playing this.
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LoMS Member
We have an organization on star citizen called l.o.m.s. Corp . Ladytoon is the board member/owner.
But i think I'm the only one on regularly.

Patch 3.1 is on the public universe test server right now. Schedule for release live around 31 Mar.

My referral code is STAR-S79D-5K7V . If used when you create an account will give you 5000 extra in game credit when it goes live.
Still looking at one and half to two years for live release.

Here is what they plan to add this year patches

Star Citizen Roadmap - RSI - v1.1.0
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Will have a looksy! Sadly I can't use your code as I have had an account since early 2014. I am Space-Dandy on the forums over there btw.