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Event Spooky screen shot contest

Added to Calendar: 10-10-19, 10-11-19, 10-12-19, 10-13-19, 10-14-19, 10-15-19, 10-16-19, 10-17-19, 10-18-19, 10-19-19, 10-20-19, 10-21-19, 10-22-19, 10-23-19, 10-24-19, 10-25-19, 10-26-19, 10-27-19, 10-28-19, 10-29-19, 10-30-19, 10-31-19, 11-01-19



Give us your best and creepiest or Halloween themed screenshot! We will judge them in the following categories:

  • Best screenshot in Conan Exiles
  • Best screenshot in Secret World Legends
  • Best screenshot in Anarchy Online
  • Best screenshot in Age of Conan
We’ll be judging based on originality, creativity, and spooky/creepyness.
To enter, please attach your one and best screenshot to an email and send it to: contest@funcom.com
Be sure to title the subject line: Screenshot Contest: GAME
Just replace “game” with the name of the game you’re entering for.


We will pick one winner from each category. The winner of each category will win a 11x17 inch poster (cash value of $20) shown below for the game they entered it for, signed by developers, and shipped to you:

Many more details on Funcom forums:- Linky