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South Africa - True Believer - Fastest Strategy?


Falkor, Kumamushi-san
I've been putting this achievement off because it seems... very tedious. Are there any established routes now (including map for graffiti) for earning a day's ascension points as fast as possible? I have everything else in South Africa completed. How many days would it take, and how much time per day, assuming max amount of ascension missions done?


The Secret World Officer
Yep, it's tedious. It's been a while since I did the math so this may be wrong but IIRC if you do all the missions which give points once every 8 hrs (requires patron for reduced cooldown) it takes about a month.


Staff member
There’s an addon that makes finding the graffiti and water buckets easier. I’m pretty sure only the missions in the first area give the points, so just do the story and side missions there and grind, grind, grind.


I have not got around to this achievement myself as of yet, as I have not been to that zone for a while.
Partly because my time has been more limited of late, that and I have been concentrating on quests that that involve a certain mob type to get those achievements for the museum. I had forgotten how fun some of the quests there are, must pop back there again Soon(TM)