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SWL Slayer's EffectsUI collection


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Hi everybody, I've been talking about doing this for quite some time now.
A lot of our experienced players use the EffectsUI mod to improve the awareness of game mechanics with great success.

EffectsUI can help you to see bufs, debufs or important casts you need to interrupt or help you to not shoot a shielded boss or make the name of the pod target more prominent.

Be aware that some monitors can flood your screen if they are not filtered (like "show all bufs on a raid boss") or impact your fps in a negative way if your hardware is somewhat struggling with the game (like "show invisible bufs").

So maybe trying them out all at once might be a bit of an overkill :D

The idea is to have a growing collection, so please feel free to add some of your own most helpful monitors to this thread.

Now, for starters: what does EffectsUI do?
Basically its a monitoring system. You can monitor "effects" on yourself, the offensive target (when in targeting range), your group or your weapons.
Then you can choose where on your screen and by what symbol and colour you want to be notified if a given effect occurs.

When you install EffectsUI like most other mods and start your game, there will be a new small Toolbar icon to show you its loaded.
If you click on that, the configuration interface is shown. Warning: that can be a bit -eh- overwhelming at first :)
It does come with some default monitors and it's own help system.
The main screen looks somewhat like this:


So how to setup your own monitor according to the below tables?
1. First you add a new Monitor by scrolling the list of monitors all to the right - there will be a new empty one.
2. Click on it and assign it a name in the field left above the list
3. Top row: Set the type of the monitor, time/stacks, the target of the monitor and if this monitor needs to include invisible effects
4. Left box: Add the filter conditions for this monitor. At the very least, this is the (abbreviated) name of the effect. You can add display options for each line by using the pipe | symbol, like special colour depending on condition (in hex format) or modifiers like "pulse".

!!! These names must be according to the language of your game client. So if you are using a french client, you need to use the french names of the casts/bufs.
(happy to add the french and german versions to the tables if there is interest and a frenchman or -woman willing to supply the names :p)

5. In the middle of the dialogue is a preview area with some more appearance tweaking options. You drag the visualizations around on your screen until they are in your preferred spot. It may be necessary to move the config dialog around to see and position the visualization.

The config is saved (like most other mods as well) into your character profile. If you click on the gear symbol in the top right corner of the dialogue, you will find options to save your setup by selecting the text and pasting it into a textfile or the other way around - restoring by replacing the setup from a textfile earlier saved.

Take your time to play around with it and as always - do not hesitate to ask for help from your fellow slayers.

I'll start the list with some monitors i use - they are neither complete nor are they the ideal way to show important mechanics.
I totally count on e.g. our tanks to add some valuable configs from their pool of monitors.


I want to take on the world!
General purpose

purposetypetime/stackmonitor targetduring combatinvisibleseffects
group bufsonly listed bufstimeplayerYOpening Shot
dodge cooldownonly listed bufstimeplayerYRecently dodged
interrupt!ability caststimeoffensive targetY@interruptible | show: INTERRUPT | pulse
debufsonly listed bufstimeoffensive targetYDebilitated


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New York raid / Manhattan exclusion zone
(also have a look at the great ALIA mod!)

purposetypetime/stackmonitor targetduring combatinvisibleseffects
Pod targetsonly listed bufstimeall teamInevitable*| show: @owner is POD Target!
Podded playersonly listed bufstimeall teamFrom beneath*| show: @owner is PODDED! | pulse
Incoming podonly listed caststimeoffensive targetYFrom beneath*|show: Incoming pod!
RUN!only listed caststimeoffensive targetYShadow out of time
Last Resort
Personal Space


I want to take on the world!

purposetypetime/stackmonitor targetduring combatinvisibleseffects
Hell dungeonsonly listed bufstimeplayerSoulburn| pluse
dangerous castsability caststimeoffensive targetYDreaming Shroud
Honourable Combat
Rabbit Blood
Shields/Stacksonly listed bufstimeoffensive targetYOccluding Lens
HE 5 Fireonly listed bufstimeplayerImmolation Invocation| show: Fire! Run around! | pulse | < 4s fade
HR 6 Shieldonly listed bufstimeoffensive targetYAnima Depletion | <6s #ff0000, Anima Depletion
POL 6 spottedonly listed bufstimeall teamLost in Eldritch #ffff00 | show: @owner
PH Stacksonly listed bufsstacksoffensive targetYSisterly* | >2 #ff0000
Ice stacks Valentine Eventonly listed bufsstacksplayerIc*


I want to take on the world!

purposetypetime/stackmonitor targetduring combatinvisibleseffects
AR grenadeonly listed bufstimeplayerYXX AR Grenade
ELE capacitor bufonly listed bufstimeplayerYOrochi-Thermal*
BLOOD corruptiononly listed bufstimeplayerYTainted*