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Solo Rude fighters always interrupting

Hi all,
im rather new to the cabal as in joined today. So i was innitially thinking tank but now i want to go for an interrupt build. im maining shotgun but i cant decide what my secondary should be. What sweapon has the most feasable interupt skills and what equipment item is best for interrupt?

im torn between blades and ele mostly. but figuring which is better is hard. i prefer manuverability and avoiding enemies if possible. now blades have some nice dashes which increase manuverability but i generally try to avoid melee when possible. And ele keeps me at range but has more slows and interupts from what i can tell
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Except for special cases, I hear it's preferred to leave the interrupt to the tank.

For some of my solo builds, I use blood rupture as a handy damage dealer and interrupt combined. Otherwise, there's a few gadgets with interrupts, better possibly than wasting an active slot.
i've actually been debating on blood anyways since i have to max it out for my boots anyways... i just want to find a skin for it i like... i love shadow-bound but i cant find any for sale