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Reducing SWL Crashes


LoMS Member
This is a short guide on what to do if you have persistent SWL crashes. When the SWL game crashes it write a log into the CrashLog.txt file in your SWL game folder. Open this file in a text editor (such as Notepad) and go down to the line that says "Callstack". Now look at the lines immediately below the "Callstack" line. If any of these lines contain the word "SCALEFORM" then follow the instructions in section 1 below. If there are no "SCALEFORM" lines, but there are lines that contain the word "Awesomium" then follow the instructions in section 2 below.

1. SCALEFORM errors
SCALEFORM is the api used by the in-game UI and by all addons. If you have SCALEFORM errors then try to remember what you were doing immediately before the crash. If you had just did a UI action (such as opening the skills window) and the game crashed then it is likely you have found a Funcom bug. All you can do in this case is report the crash on discord or reddit and hope Funcom fix it.

If you weren't doing anything on the UI when the game crashed (for example you were in combat) then it is likely that an addon caused your crash. The first thing to do if you are getting addon related crashes is to make sure you are on the latest versions of each addon. If you are on the latest versions of all your addons and still get crashes then you will have to resort the trial and error to resolve the issue. Basically you need to remove each addon, play for a few days to see if the crash is resolved. If not then remove another addon and keep doing this until your crashes stop. If you always crash when in combat then I would recommend removing effects ui, advanced weapon ui, lorehound, boowarnings. I'm not saying these addons are known to cause crashes, just that I know they do a lot of work during combat and are worth removing first as you try to isolate the culprit.

2. Awesomium errrors
Awesomium is the name for the game engine used by SWL. If you are getting Awesomium errors then it is a crash in the core SWL game. A good example of this was the crash we used to get everytime your exited SWL. Unfortunately there is very little you can do in this case. The first thing to do is to ensure you have the latest graphics drivers installed on your system. If you are on the latest drivers and the crashes continue then you can only report the issue to Funcom on discord or reddit and hope for a fix from them. :(