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ESO Recommended mods/add ons?


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Over the weekend, some people in the cabal were tossing out add-on and mods they were using. I can't remember anything about those mods other than I thought, "I need that!"

Please refresh my poor memory. What are some recommended mods and add-ons for ESO?
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Absolute favorite. Fashionista. So much clothes, so little time :)

For the raid, BooWarnings. Also has a built in Eleforce tracker.

Ability Panel for quick switching of all abilities out of combat instead of having to find them in the wheel every time.

And for those of us with annoying rotations. The toolbox. Resets Seal the Deal and/or Ele-force.

AutoNbG for automatic lootrolls.

For ESO, Wraith. But I am a big fan of Fashionista.


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I am using mods found at www.esohead.com, you have to download minion and that software manages them much like curse client.

I currently have:
Esohead so i can get EsoheadMarkers (this shows me where skyshards are! and other stuff)
Foundry Tactical Combat gives me numbers for health, damage etc
Loot Drop so when i use autoloot I still get a message telling me what i got
Research Assistant uses some color coding to help me know what items i have researched and what i can sell/break
ZrMiniMap this puts a small minimap on my screen but is real buggy in cyrodill and needs to be disabled there.


http://www.esoui.com/addons.php that's where you'll find all the mods, and where the Minion app is connected (no login required to use it btw)
The site is to look for new mods, info, and seeing changelogs.
Downloading (and auto-updating) is faster through Minion.

Here are the one I use (some are repeats from Rhiissa's post, but that's because you really want them :) )

Wykkyd's Framework (aka mhFramework, aka Mostly Harmless Framework) : framework for others mods, but also brings very cool features : toolbar, advanced hud (redesigned player bars), npc subtitles, chat background. Needed for :
Wykkyd's Quest Tools (mhQuestTools) : enhanced quest tracker (multiple quests, difficulty colors, sorted by region...) [requires Wykkyd's Framework]

Foundry Tactical Combat : combat numbers, movable and better looking health/sta/mag bars (player and enemy), buff tracking (player and enemy)

Soft Cap info : MUST HAVE for theorycrafter and build optimizers : shows each stats softcap (current / limit) rather than just "you're overcharged"

crafting :

Craft Research Timer : "A simple addon to show the remaining time on research crafts."
Craft XP Msg / Crafting XP : shows you how much xp you got from the last crafting operation. I use "Msg" (in the chat) version.
Nog's Simple Crafting Tooltip : "show your currently equipped items in a tooltip window while crafting"

Inventory Grid View : toggleable grid view for inventory & banks : more stuff on screen ! + items quality outline. Needed for :

Research Assistant : MUST HAVE for crafters : shows which traits you already know, already have on a banked item, are already researching. or should sell, or should disassemble. [requires Inventory Grid View]

Alchemist : research assistant for alchemy : "This addon tells you which alchemy reagents (in your current inventory/bank) to combine, and in what order, to discover the maximum number of new traits."
Sous Chef : research assistant for provisioning (even across alts !!!)

inventory and stuff :

Inventory Item Borders : quality / damage borders on equipped items panel.

Loot Drop, Continued (All in One) : need it you autoloot. also shows XP, vXP, ap, gold... this is the currently maintained version.

ins:JunkYard : Basically remembers what you marked as junk, move it to the junk tab next time you loot it, sells junk automatically when opening vendor interface. Plenty of options : quality threshold, logs... A little scary, but awesome and not that hard to setup.

pChat : chat overhaul : timestamps, removed some useless stuff ("say"...), guild tag instead of full name, colors, fade prevention...

Zr Mini Map (Modified) : (currently maintained version)

Now onto the cheaty ones :

Simple Combat Alerts : (aka ESO's BooWarnings) shows big colored letters when you should interrupt, block, dodge... cheating against ai is not cheating right ?

SkyShards : show skyshards on map (options ot toggle found or missing ones, pin size...)
Treasure Maps : shows the locations of normal and CE treasures. (option to toggle only when you need)
That's not cheating ! just trying to reduce backtracking and optimizing my play time.

Last time I tried Esohead markers, i found it to have a high performance cost on my machine (suttering when rotating camera). And the whole getting node positions from other players seemed a little to cheaty for me.
I'll try HarvestMap that seems to the less buggy successor and more in line with my 'morale' : "displays (discovered) harvest nodes"
But here you're still cheating against other ressource collectors... on the other hand, if you're taking notes or filling your temporal lobe with nodes position anyway, that's just more convinient to use the mod.

That's quite a list ! But doing it, i realized I really need each one of them.
And compared to other ES games, maintaining them up to date is a painless and very fast process : launch Minion, click update all, and read the changelogs of some of them while booting the game. Or killing a flappy.
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Jumper is one of my favourites - it lets you teleport to the next wayshrine for free by meeting up on people. Only requirement for this is being member of a guild (which should not be a problem for all of us).


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Lliah, how is Jumper different from just meeting up on people... which is still free?
You don't need to first manually find somebody to meet up on - just type /jump (or keybind that to any key) and you get to the next wayshrine.


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You may have noticed that Jumper doesn't work any more. What I use now is Freeport, it does what I thought Jumper was doing... it teleports you to the nearest guild member (if available) or if you are in a group to a group member.


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You may have noticed that Jumper doesn't work any more. What I use now is Freeport, it does what I thought Jumper was doing... it teleports you to the nearest guild member (if available) or if you are in a group to a group member.
I had noticed. I thought it no longer worked because I was the guild member in the zone.


I'm using Luminary's Teleporter for all my teleportation needs.
It adds a list of all the connected guildmates (across all your guilds) next to your full screen map, showing in which zone they are (can be filtered to show only the ones in your current zone)
So you can pick 'roughly' where you want to land (even undiscovered zones, if you want some quick exploration xp, and reveal more wayshrines)


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Who has a good mod for sorting through guild stores? I tried one yesterday but either I or the mod is broken....