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Wildstar R.I.P.


It had so many good aspects, the housing, exploration even the crafting system I liked.
The full action combat style worked for me to, I never did get to max level though as I semed to hit a wall at one point.


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Well it's now officially gone. I understand that they have published the roadmap/story arc elsewhere so those who wanted to see where it went can indulge. I can't help thinking that TSW/SWL under NCSoft would have gone this way too.

It is sad as the marketing for this game was just terrible from the outset. By the time they realised their mistake the MMO community had turned its back.


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NCSoft threw many many millions of $ at Carbine to develop Wildstar, everyone could see the course it was on & how the "Hardcore.. Cupcakes!" approach wasn't going to work in the long run, but even after most of the main Devs left, Carbine continued to basically run the game onto the rocks!!
Was a fun game & could have been great, I doubt NCSoft will let the assets go to another company for an overhaul & relaunch though.
From a Funcom point of view, I doubt the budget for TSW was a 10th of what Carbine had, but the success of Conan Exiles shows you don't need a massive budget if you know your audience.
Now plow some resources into SWL !! :D