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Patch notes 12th December 2018


Community Manager

December 12, 2018

Behold a winter wonderland! Starting December 12th through January 2nd, Krampusnacht returns to Secret World Legends! The Krampus gate has swung open once more, unleashing foes most vile! Hunt Krampus around the world and take the fight to their homeland of Niflheim. Hel awaits you once again in hourly public raids in Agartha!

New this year are Winter Champion monsters you must hunt and defeat - head over to the Paragon Activity board in Agartha to accept your bounty mission. Plus…will you solve the new seasonal investigation mission? :smiley:

Added two new pets for purchase from Doctor Caligari: Kitten Carrier and Rooibos’ Kitten Carrier.
Dark Agartha and Manhattan Exclusion Zone lockout timers are now properly synced up with challenge timers.
Seasonal - XP awarded from public event raid portal missions is now scaled by the character’s level
Auction House - The Future Is Now! Drone Delivery is coming to a Patron near you! Remotely withdrawing items from the auction house now shows the delivery drone.

Added new 5-star missions for Dragon and Illuminati, to equalize mission availability across factions.
Mission “Again Into the Void” shows correct reward preview.
“Right Person, Right Place” achievement should be granted more consistently.
Description on “Right Person, Right Place” now indicates Success or Outstanding Success required.

Male Uniform Arabian Nights now available in Dressing Room.