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Once more into the tower - Contains spoilers so be warned


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I was lucky enough to get the box to start that new mission.
Seems it comes from green bags in Kaidan Docks, either on mission turnin or opening them, I didnt really pay attention, but I got it when I was doing my rounds down there.

So now comes the spoilers.
You come in in a normal corridor, with the robots we know from Kaidan.
They stand in groups of 2 that you can pick off, with 70k ish health and their normal behaviour we know from Buckler and Sky drones.

The first boss is a 420k ish mech robot, that fires rockets and gets drone support (2 drones) 3 times during the fight.
You need to fight it in the corridor with the guns on the wall, you cant draw it out it will reset and run back to the truck
But you can run around the truck and dance and kill it that way, was how I did it.

The end boss is a Tank Commander, so perhaps he could have the blade we are missing for museum.
But with my 795 IP I did not feel that I could take him on.

Let me throw up some screenshots.
Threw them up in imgur, something about size restrictions.

As you enter:
2 tanks beside him, and 2-3 guns on each side wall.
View: https://imgur.com/MMyn5Z5

Here are the buffs I saw him having, didnt survive for very long to see how the drone support one worked.

View: https://imgur.com/OTrCitn

Hope it gave a little look at it.


I have not managed to get the item drop from quest bags as of yet.
i believe it goes straight to your Mission items bag, so worth checking them for a box.

Glad you got to see it, I hear it is quite a challenging fight mechanics wise, looking forward to finding out Soon(tm)