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Oh look ... a new member bringing cookies and whiskey

Well not really .... just wanted to see who read this :)

This is a bit of a big step for me starting with an online group again as I've made many friends in real life already playing games. That being said due to one thing or another people drift apart or on to other games so I find myself on SWL really enjoying the game but alone *sob*

And that's why I'm here.

Bit of background.....

I've played the following games online over the years and met loads of great people.....

Joint Operations (NoSkill Squad)
Knight Online (Outkasted)
Eve Online (Sniggerdly - Pandemic Legion)
WoW (solo because my Ant hill mob friends were on another server)
Break ........... life changing stuff happened .......
And now SWL :)

Outside gaming I play Ice Hockey at least three times a week as it's my main hobby and I love it. I am also a single parent to three kids and manage a full time job. I game when I can and put the hours in where needed but overall my kids are my priority. Hope that is ok ?


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Welcome NoSkill!

Being casual and having RL in general and kids in particular come first is something we know about -- fits our style :D