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NY-E5/Lairs/Regionals Raid needs new members! (Mondays and Thursdays)


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Good morning/afternoon/evening my fellow LoMS-ers!

Our Raid Group needs at least 3 new permanent members!

WHEN? We raid twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 9pm GMT+1 (8pm UTC/3pm EST/12pm PST) to 10:30pm GMT+1 (9:30pm UTC/4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST).

WHAT? On Thursdays, we usually do New York E5 and Storymode and a lair or some regionals afterwards. On Mondays, if everyone got their New York kills already, we go for a more extensive lair and regional session.

YOU? If you wish to join us, your Item Power should be at least 450, so that you can join for New York E5. Other than that, no prior experience is required, I will do my best to explain everything about the fights that you need to know. We use Teamspeak for communicating and callouts during the fight, so it would be helpful if you could log on there. (Also means I don't have to type all the explanations in in-game chat. :p) Finally, if you cannot make it on a Monday or a Thursday, I appreciate an advance notice so I can find a substitute for that day.

If you are interested, feel free to reply here or send me a private message, on this forum or in-game. If you wish to just come along and take a look first, feel free to join our run tonight (we should have 4-5 open spots tonight, so don't be shy!).
Morag and I both have E7 iLevel. We participate in Anto and Splat's E5 NYR and would continue to do so. Therefore, if anyone else has no group, we would not wish to take spots. OTOH, if you can use bodies, we don't mind going even if we have our E5 for the week.

We have TeamSpeak.

Regarding times: the Thursday time works for both of us, but Morag would not be available for the Monday time due to work. If we cannot make a time, we are of the habit of informing people, as long as we know how.
BTW I saw a cancellation message in the other thread but it was for a previous day-- is Mon. Feb. 5th still on? By my clock it is start time and I don't see folks. :)

Edit: ah there you are. ;)


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I went for my first elite NY raid ever, head first into E5. Learned a lot, made fewer mistakes with every death (excellent pedagogy). It was a blast! Thank you Anuschka and all other Lomsies and guests! :D