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Wildstar Merger with The Crimson Cross


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Good Day Slayers

As we have been speaking of this for a few days, We will be merging LOMS with The Crimson Cross

Please send a whisper to Cercie Dupre for an invite, she is a friend of LOMS in TSW and is playing here. Let her know I sent you I will stay in LOMS till Friday and will Join TCC on Sat I will also post in our forums of the change happening.

If you want to check out their website http://crimsoncross.enjin.com/

Will see you on the other side

Pleas note LOMS in WS will stay as an ALT guild if anything unless they take alts but the bank is open to whomever wants to keep their alts in.



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Must read things before thinking What? I thought the whole of Loms was merging until i read wildstar at the top of the post LOL


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Not playing that much so can't say much either (will grab it again early january) but gotta say that our forum is much better. Enjin kinda sucks and LoMS is a damn good community hub *nod*
Kinda sad seeing LoMS going into the "alt guild" phase.


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Yeah i am way too busy to recruit and with school staryting up again my time will be mininmal. I wanted my guildies to share in the experience of raids and other content i unfortuantely cannot provide, my self and babo have joined and seems to be a very active guilsd and from what chat looks like laid back folks enjoying the game.


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I plan to come back in a while, and maybe it'll be better with the merge, but for the amount of time I was able to play it was too much soloing dailies and not enough dungeons. Over summer I should have time to give it another proper shot, though!


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Honestly an active guild helps a loooot.

My guild runs dungeons all the time, but we also field enough people to go into the 40-man Datascape raid (18th in the world as of Thursday! Woo!).


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Seem we are at 5/6 GA i was goignt o a raid last week thursday till my pc wanted to an update of all updates that night when i upgraded to win 7 ultimate but it has been fun