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Event Megaversary 2 -Mushroom Merry Melodies

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So here it is based on last years Warped Songs contest, Mushroom Merry Melodies! This is a forum based event where you get the chance to send in your suitably altered songs from well know artists into a SWL related theme! The song will be your take on something well know that has been mushed up to relate to practically anything from the SWL lore, NPC’s or what you can come up with!

There will be excellent prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. I will list in a few days when they are finalised.

Rules of Entry:

Try and keep things within the realms of decency.
Loosely fit the structure and melody of the song.
Have as much fun with it as you can.
Be a bit tasteful, nothing too outrageous!
Only one Submission per account.
Submit your in game name so that if you win prizes can be delivered.

Email to: hollopoint@outlook.com
Or send through a PM on the forum to HolloPoint.

The contest is open as of this thread and will run to 1st July 23:59 BST.
It will be judged on or about 3rd July 2019, depending on the number of entries.

Winners will be announced here on this thread and the songs will be posted.

More detail on office forums:-