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Event Megaversary 2 - Megaboss Event

Added to Calendar: 06-19-19, 06-20-19, 06-21-19, 06-22-19, 06-23-19, 06-24-19, 06-25-19, 06-26-19, 06-27-19, 06-28-19, 06-29-19, 06-30-19, 07-01-19


meggabos event.jpeg
This is to announce that as far as possible running through the two weeks of the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo there will be World Boss slams to thin out those pesky World Bosses. We will run at Euro times and US times as far as possible through the two week run, trying to be as prime time as possible for the time zones.