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Global May the 1st be with you - a new(ish) LoMSGlobal Discord


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I did a spring cleaning and dusting in Discord LoMSGlobal. So far, some very basic changes that should reflect the present situation, and hopefully make our Discord abode more alive as it becomes less of an SWL exclusivity.

There are now separate categories for each game where Slayers abide, with the old Discussion category kept for general purposes, much as it's being used now. Each game has it's own text and voice chat where people can have game specific discussions, and of course officers can create new channels ad-hoc and as necessary.

The category Activities is meant for voice channels where you can drop a raid or dungeon in whatever game, as needed - much as we used to do in TeamSpeak. Officers can create new activity channels if there's too much of a crowd, but so far the half dozen there are should be more than enough.

There's a new role, Raid Lead, with Priority Speaker, to ensure whoever is herding cats can make their voice heard loud and clear. I also shook the tree and consolidated a few roles that weren't much in use.

This being spring, there's been a multiplication of officers. Officers no longer reflect whoever is a Department Head in SWL, but rather whoever occupies an Officer or otherwise make-and-break capacity post in each of the games. They have officer privileges all over, not just in the specific game they may be playing. Simpler and clearer for everyone - and me, especially me, who has to manage this. Hopefully, it'll also facilitate a more dynamic LoMSGlobal, with Slayers jumping from one game to another, or being active in several games at the same time.

More changes to come, as this settles into use (hopefully) and cunning plans hit reality.
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Sounds great, Bags :) I think its great that we are going from "LoMScentric and most of us are/were based in Secret World, but we are playing other stuff now" to "Hey we are all LoMS, and we are all over the place. Pick a flavor and come say hello" We are getting people into LoMS ESO in dribs and drabs, but slow and steady is good. Am informing all in the ESO LoMS about the updates to the website here, and the Discord servers, so they have the option to avail themselves of them. Hope everyone else is doing fantastical :)

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