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There are two parts to this post. The first is a friend of mine, Feda-Cheese, from the cabal "Cookie Eaters of the World", recently had to kick a member for harassing the female players. The offending player's name is Manual, and I just wanted to get the word out so that he doesn't get the opportunity to do this to anyone else. The second part is that Feda was wondering if anyone knew if someone can crash a router remotely if they had someone's IP address? Since kicking Manual from the Cookies, one of the women being harassed has been having serious router issues, and since my knowledge of such things is limiter, I figured I'd ask you guys. Thanks.


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ah, good, thanks for the heads up Unsafe, I'll copy the info to the other officers. (re routers, sry, don't have knowledge of that aspect, one way or the other)


Yes you can overwhelm a router if you know its external (internet facing) ip address.
Its simply a matter of sending a larger than normal packet request constantly to the router.
A ping request for example is normally 32 bytes (tiny) but you can configure it up to 65,527 bytes (64k still small) and set it to test (constantly send request).
This overloads the router as it is constantly trying to reply to the ping request. Making it have no time to do anything else.
Known as a denial of Service attack.

Industry routers have build in protection against this but most home broadband routers do not.

It is unlikely thay will have connected and changed the setting on the router itself, as that would involve knowing the router admin details.

However if thay turn the router off for a while then power it up again, it may change its IP address, in which case this attack would no longer work.
So get your friend to power off the router for a bit, I personally have mine turned off if i am not at home or if im in bed (the sleeping me does not use the internet).

If the problem persists, then your friend should contact their service provider, who should be able to remotely connect to the router and check if anything else is wrong, it could just be the router is a bit flaky and nothing to do with an online attack.
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While it's possible and common to send a DoS (don't need DDoS against most home routers) attack to somebody at home, in my experience, most of the time it's all talk and no action when dealing with the gaming world if it's against a low-profile individual. People want notoriety and recognition, there's none of that to be had unless she was streaming or was another public figure. Most likely the issues she's having is not DoS related, but if we had more information about these "issues" she's been having, it may narrow things down.


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From what I understand, my friend bought a new router and there have been little issues so we don't think it was an attack. But thank you for the info guys, it's appreciated.