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Mad Lyric has Passed.


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Sorry I havn't gotten around to doing this sooner, I really should check in on the forums more. Aside the point, I am greatly saddened by this news. I still remember doing our cheese raids together in TSW and mfa / mfb runs as a group. Honestly some of the best times I had in TSW were running alongside Maddie and you and just being able to relax. Even though time has passed since then, they are still some of my fondest memories. Maddie has touched so many people within LoMS and the community in TSW in general that I really can't express how much this sucks. If you need help getting through these hard times, or just want to reminisce, please reach out. (If you look for me in discord my name is now 8 Bit Ronin)

Maddie was a gem, truly is a shame.
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Just heard the news, haven't been present much in the past year. Mad and Schwim were the ones who recruited me all the way back in TSW a couple of years ago. She was a great presence in the gaming community but also just a fun person to hang out with and talk to when we were simply playing a game and having a good time. She reached many people with her charity work and her positive attitude. I know it can be hard dealing with illness and chronic pain but when you use that pain and make something positive out of it, the potential to resonate with other people is tenfold. That was Maddie I believe, despite not knowing her as well as many people here, she definitely knew how to radiate kindness while firmly holding tongue in cheek when the opportunity presented itself. I wish you strength, perseverance but most importantly love Schwimm, I know that Maddie will live on through you, LoMS and all the people she has touched throughout her life.


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3 years on, I still have this page bookmarked and a recurring alarm to remind myself to say bye to a very old friend. I still recognize many of your names. Hope you're all staying safe and doing real well in life

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Is it gonna be 4 years next month since Madlyric's passing?

I guess it is...

She probably wouldn't believe all the stuff that happened in the world since then. I don't either, and I lived through it all! ;)

Anyway, still occasionally thinking of you Madlyric, and the days of fun & wonder when TSW was alive & kicking and the treehouse meetings were just packed with people!

It seems strangely appropriate that the death of Madlyric also marked the beginning of the game itself slowly fading away.

The other day I came across THIS in some half-forgotten folder, full of old online pics :


Just wanted to share it with whomever else may wander in here once in a blue moon.

Sleep gently, MadLyric, and thanks for being YOU while it lasted!