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Mad Lyric has Passed.


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Everyone, this afternoon my wife, Shuniqua Dietz aka MadLyric, passed away.

She went peacefully and with dignity, and I know she was just so tired of her illness and the pain it caused.

Both she and I have been incredibly thankful for all of you, it got her (and I) through numerous rough times, and the outpouring of support was communicated to her, though she was too weak to respond.

She was my wife and will forever be my love. I will distribute pictures from the upcoming small memorial service to anyone who wants them. She is being cremated and some of her ashes are going to both families (here in Alaska and in New York.)

I cannot say this enough- thank you all for being her friend, and being there for us. I will forever be thankful I could be there as she passed, and that she was lucid enough to know all of you were pulling for her.

I will be taking care of things with help from both my family and hers over the next while, and will try to keep updates. Despite it all, Shu tried to be there for others, as people were there for her.


My sympathy and condolences. I keep trying to think of something *to* say besides that, but nothing-- and not even that --really does it justice.

Just. damn.



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I'm sorry for your loss. I cannot word anything eloquent right now. :( She will be missed by everyone.


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I'm incredibly so heartbroken by the loss of Madlyric.
I'm so sorry for your loss.

She was a shining light for all who knew her and so selfless. She was that gentle hand that would reach out in harsh times and comforted my heart--and so many others--when we were lost in our own miseries. Even when we didn't ask for it she stayed true as a wonderful friend and mentor.

Please if there's anything we can do let us know.
We want to be there for you just as Maddie was there for us.
She proved that we're not just a community, we're a family.
And we'll be here for you and yours.


We are so very sad for your loss. Without her light the world is a darker place. Much love being sent to you from myself and my husband.

~Wyldnytes/DJ Amethyst (Stacy) and gyronnygeek/DJ Nexus (Steven)


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I'm sorry for your loss. I barely got a chance to really know her, but I could tell she was a good person. The world will be less without her.


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I am deeply saddened by the loss of MadLyric... she was the one who introduced me to LoMS, several years ago, and I have many fond memories of her. It is now up to us to carry on the torch of her spirit and camaraderie. I am thankful that she at least knew she was loved, before the end.


She was and will remain always in my heart our cabal Mom. I don't have any other words right now. I'm so sorry, Schwimm.


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It was an honor meeting her in person and she has a place in my heart, She is an inspiration to myself and many in the SWL community. she will be missed but it is not goodbye ,rather than a see you later

From the Martinez Family we send you all our love to you and your family


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Condolences from Kate and myself. Always hard when someone you know for so long passes, but much worse for Schwimm, don't hesitate to get ahold of us if you need to!


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So terribly sad.

"Death lies on her, like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field." - Shakespeare


I'm so sorry for your loss. MadLyric was always such a bright, lively soul with so much love to give (which she did, often and without reservation). Even those of us not with LoMS but active in other sections of the community will miss her terribly.

We are as here for you as she always was for us: please don't hesitate to reach out to others for support.


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Huge condolences to you and both your families. I'm heartbroken, but I know it's worse for you folks. My thoughts and prayers are still with you all.

I'd like to say something more eloquent but all I've got is that the world lost someone so very special today and she's so deeply missed.


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I'm heartbroken and really just don't have adequate words.
Schwimm - if there is anything you need in the upcoming days, weeks, months, Sojo and I will always be here for you.


Mad-Lyric was always someone who was a joy to run into when questing in both TSW and SWL. I remember a lot of great discussion, especially around the topic of Extra-Life. The only thing I can say is that I am glad that I met her.