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Looking for new officers


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We need to fill some rank 4 spots in the cabal. No one could ever replace MadLyric but we can do our best to keep her fun, silly and friendly spirit alive in the LoMS.

So, I’m looking for at least 3, possibly 4, people to be officers. Global coverage would be ideal, especially Oceania and Asia coverage. So if you play in a time when most of us are asleep, don’t be shy.

Job Responsibilities: Enforcing the Code of Conduct, inviting new members, and occasionally kicking members who violate the Code of Conduct. And letting Beecher pick your brains when she's trying to make a decision.
Job Requirements: Be an easy going and helpful person. Experience with the cabal a plus. Don’t be a dick. (If a dick is nominated, Beecher will exercise her right as tyrant and void the nomination.)
Officers do not have to log on every day, but being on a few times a week is helpful. We all have real life responsibilities.
Self-nominations will not be accepted, so poke a friend to nominate you if you want the job. Nominees will need to be seconded and then accepted by the nominee. You can either accept here or send Beecher a tell.
Nominations will be accepted for a week.

When we get the nominations sorted, if there’s more than 4, we’ll have a vote. This is the process we’ve used in the past in TSW, so why re-invent the wheel?

As a side note, Bagofcats has agreed to be the new rank 5. (I’ll try to log on with my husband’s computer and submit the paperwork to make it happen.)


I would like to nominate, in no particular order: Alex, Elal, WInter Owl, Morganey, and Antomas. All of them spend time organizing for the Cabal, and all of them have been invaluably helpful to me, since I joined LoMS. If I forgot anyone, Ill try and fix it later, but those are the ones who have helped make my time here easy peazy, day-to-day


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Takes a deep breath...… On my personal experience of them and trying unsuccessfully to keep to a low'ish number I would like to nominate:
AlexJ, Music, Elal, Winter Owl, and Morganey. And that's leaving out a fair few worthy nominees :D


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I would like to nominate, Antomas for U.S. Evening times, Elal and Alex for European times, and YAY on Bags, was going to push for her for the rank 5 but you already got to it! (I considered Morganey however since they just got rank 3, figured might want to wait a bit)


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An embarrassment of riches :)

These first posts get
  • Elal (Oz based and with experience as a former TSW officer, if my memory's in working order),
  • AlexJ,
  • Antomas
  • Morganey
  • Winter Owl
  • Music
  • Ger
seconded and nominated if and when they accept the nomination

And I'll add Ger and second Music, because, Ger & Music :)

(edit: added Ger to the seconded list)
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The Secret World Officer
I will accept and thank you for trusting me enough to do this! I am just so very humbled by the nominations. I would like to second Elal and Morganey as I think they have a good range of people skills and are very helpful and considerate. I would also nominate Ger as he is unfailingly polite, patient, approachable. Cats is the person for rank 5 all the way!


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Have occifer'd before in TSW, you are correct Cats. Figure I can keep from stealing all the treasure here too so will happily accept should I be voted in. Plenty of quality people around though, so will hardly be heartbroken if I miss out :)


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Gah all good nominations..My only problem is so many in the same time slots, though a few that play in multiple time zones which is good. It seems BagofCats and Anushcha are in the same timezone but we need coverage (for lack of a better term) before and after their play times. With that in mind, will wait to accept until I see what zones are covered, and if someone is needed on the times I play :)


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On behalf of my alts--AlexJ, Morganey, and Music for Euro time, Antomas for US evening. I know I am missing people who would be great in both timezones, very sorry!


I'll second the nominations for Antomas and Ger. Anto is on every US evening religiously. I doubt there is a more consistently online player than him. And he's not a dick. :p Ger has kind of a split morning/evening schedule which could be helpful coordinating our European and US folks.


The Secret World Officer
Looks like a great list of helpful players. ....And for some reason, me.
Would I be required to wear a shirt and be "presentable?"
I was reassured that I would be allowed to keep wearing flip-flops, with or without socks as I chose.


I think all of these are an asset to the cabal and would be happy to see any or all of them promoted (in alphabetical order): AlexJ, Elal, Morganey, Music, Winter Owl (I know, it's 5, can't help it)