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LoMS-run Shamballa cheevos run?


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Right, not quite sure this is the proper place in the forum to post this but here we go.

Now that Shamballa can pop with only ten or so players, would people be in favor of running some in-cabal games so that those people who miss them can get those cheevos (I'm one of those)?
If it's a go, we could look at setting up some time(s) for it so it would not be a mind numbing repeat of the map and killing.


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I'ts a good idea (I think Lunas ran something like this sometime before) - I'm not a PVP'r, generally keep away from that part, Fusang being the only one I used to do as it was basically PVE with some PVP thrown in for flavour - but I'll support the initiative in whatever way I can


This sounds like fun, im up for some shamballa shenanigans.
I did run a pvp event during Extra life last year. Was difficult to get games going though.