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Event Kill Lunas - For Extra Life

Added to Calendar: 10-03-18, 10-28-18


Come Kill Lunas for Extra Life.
So November the3rd at 18:00 GMT (14:00EST) Come kill me for Extra Life.

Event will last Four hours, Please use PVP channel for this event.
Held in Shambala, where I will be attempting to discise myself as a remotely competent player.

There will be prizes, random selection from PVP channel at the end of each hour.
Each prize will be:-
One Red container key
One Signet of Laceration
and a couple of Random selected caches from SWL past.

Also everyone who donates to my Extra Life page and puts there character name in the comments, enters the draw for One full set of Cyberpunk threads cosmetic Item.

All items from my personal bank space.

So come along, donate to Extra life, Play games and heal kids

My Extra life page
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