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thought id better say hello on the forums
im fowlskins been in the cabal good few months now and been using the discord regularly
long time tsw player and swl since release
uk based family man been gaming since the 80s when stick men and imagination passed for games :)
ive been present regulary in many mmos under the moniker of fowlskins through the years starting with eq2, swg, aoc, swotor, lotro, tsw and now swl is my main stay
most of my time over the last few years was spent in dead guilds hanging on as a sort of loyalty with only the odd person logging in
i made the decision to find something a bit more active and seeing many people from loms being super friendly (neuro doing mbs and morgs ultra friendly lair runs that i joined a couple of times) i decided the slayers would be a good choice and it really has been a great fit for me

so anyway waves to anyone here thats not met me in game or on discord :cool:


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Welcome Fowlskins! I thought you were already a member tbh! Very happy to add a great player to the official ranks.