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Event Holiday Raffle!!


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Hopefully this finds you all relaxing, well fed and happy, from your holiday celebrations. Maybe a few of you are even still amidst the festivities and have taken a moment to find out if you've won one of the wonderful prize that found its way into our raffle. Either way, the time has come for the big day, at least for the League and it friends! If you won an in-game prize, please post a time I might be able to find you on. If you won either of the Steam codes, I will message you, so look for that. And if you won the grand prize of the Logitech gear (thank you Remy) then message me with your mailing address. Make sure to also tell me which headset and mouse you want.

1 Logitech G headset & 1 Logitech G mouse (winner choice on both) - Queex
Steam game codes for the The Black Watchmen - Elfiwolfe
Steam game code for the The Park - Bhodi
Shocking Steps, Blue - Psie
Radiant Spectral Essence - Azri-el
Crown of Hel - Trustman
Turbojet Wing Pack - DeusJulius
Rocketeer's Pack - Lagostrama
Signet of Nemain & Signet of Neophyte - Shiran

Congratulations to all you winners!! Feel free to post here if you want to find someone who might want you prize in case you don't want it...
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I just sold a Radiant Spectral Essence to clean house. I would be happy to pass on this to the next name drawn. Az