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Helpful links for new players


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I didn't see any posts linking to other helpful sites from the LoMS forums, so just thought I would put up a few links that I found useful while I was soloing on my own before I joined this cabal.

First and foremost, this site was my SWL bible. Hell, I think I'd still be running around Kingsmouth if I hadn't used this:
Home - TSW Database
I tried to solve puzzles on my own, but when I got stuck, it was my go-to place.

This site had some good info on builds and other things happening in game:
Unofficial Secret World Legends Forums

This is the last site I found. Good place just to get overview of what folks are thinking about different aspects of the game:
Secret World Legends - Official subreddit • r/SecretWorldLegends

Just found another site that has tons of helpful info:

Of course, now that I'm in LoMS, will hope to get most of what I need here ;)
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