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Greetings all


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Hi there!
Just returned to the game after several years away. I was previously a member of the TOG guild in game, but our Secret World division appears to have been closed down, and one of the other guys I used to play with, said most of the remnants had moved to LOMS. I think I quit just after Tokyo released. Hated the Aegis system, and never completed the Tokyo episodes.

Just hit lvl 15 on my new main, (Wargrum), and I'm fluffing around with Chaos, Shotgun and Pistol at the moment, trying to learn how this new game works and unlearn all my old expectations. Always enjoyed tanking in this game, and have a preference for melee weapons anyway, so I will probably unlock a Sword, Hammer or Claw next so I can get rid of these annoying guns. :)

In the real world I hang out in Christchurch NZ, so I play mostly in the oceanic timezone.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in game.



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Welcome back!

Original TSW is mostly empty, so we're here in SWL.

And good news: no aegis in Toyko. Woot!


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Welcome back! I just returned myself. I have been discovering that the basic game play hasn't changed so much. The old wheel is just wearing a new set of simpler clothes. I really miss the Aux weapons though. Don't miss AEGIS! :D


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Welcome Wargrum! And oceanic timezone, great! LoMS needs more Antipodeans ;)


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Thanks. Its nice to be back.

I think the thing I'm missing most so far are all the movement abilities melee weapons used to have. I want my charges/dashes/and teleports back! I just found one in Fists but its hidden under the weapon mechanic which I'm still pretty bad at using. I'm only using it as a secondary so haven't really sat down to figure it out yet.

So far I'm liking a lot of the changes, missing the flexibility of the old build system, and loving the questing as much as I did when I originally played.
Not sure I'm liking their F2P implementation that much though. They have really screwed their old lifetime subscribers (I'm one of em), and their Patron system seems a bit broken. From what I'm seeing you would be better off just buying Aurum with the money you spend on the sub.

Really looking forward to eventually finishing the Tokyo story and checking out the new content though. And also to running dungeons again once I hit 50. They used to be my favorite part of the game. Be interesting to see whats changed with the new skill trees and game mechanics.

Anyone levelling at the moment that wants to run story mode dungeons with me over the next few weeks? I'm just on 20 and about ready for the first Hell dungeon. :) I usually play approx. 8pm-Midnight GMT+12, several nights a week, plus random times in the weekend.