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Glyph soft cap adjustment


From the official forums:-

Hi everyone!
We’ve made some adjustments to glyph “soft cap” calculations as of today. Those at the higher end of the Item Power spectrum should see increased gains from their glyph’s stats, such as crit chance, crit damage, and the like.
No restart or patch required for this; the changes were made live and are active now.

Although no stats have been released for this, im sure over the next few days / weeks, someone whom has much better math's skills than I will have worked it out :)
Im guessing it will raise the soft cap to just above a max out 4pip glyth for standard layout, but obviously thats pure speculation on my behalf as i dont have a maxed out 4 pip glyph to test.

On the plus side for those us us without maxed out glyths, in theory this should allow us to utilise the Agent ability's without hitting to much diminishing returns. :)