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Dev Stream October the 6th


LoMS Member
The Stream started with a great Trailer for the upcoming release of the Orochi Tower.
Which was Nice.

During the stream thay also gave away this spider pet:-
Spider pet.jpg
QuatemSplat Won :)

After showing us this very creepy yet awesome pet, thay jumped straight into the tower.
This time you will have to go through each section in order, with new story and surprises there in.
You gain access to each floor after completing the quest, finishing it will grant access to the other floors.
You will be able to access the floor quests via interacting with the glass screens.

Andy made a joke about the office layout being based on a photo of Funcom offices.... and Nicole completely believed him :)

Brief discussion about the Great ability you gat at the end of the sorry....Wings
However unlocking these will give access to this part of the dressing room:-
wings options.jpg
So yes you will be able to unlock other looks for your wings through the story line and also deploying Wings will become an Emote.
So we get to stand in Agatha and display our Glorious wings for all to see. :)
More Emotes and skins will be added in the Future.

Thay also mentioned that there will be other ability's much later in the Story to come with more uniqueness.
I am all for more customisation

Very brief look at the lair.
There are new monsters, of which one was shown the stone statues can come alive.
statue mob.jpg
There are three new bosses, but thay did not want to spoil it compleatly so just showed us the one Boss and its a Shape shifter, so different attacks in each form was hinted at.
new boss.jpg

New Signets are in with the Lair, the missing wrist ones and confirmed thay effect our new Ultimate ability.
With Cool down reduction, or damage and healing Buff.

New Cashes incoming with this patch.
No new weapons but other things in this one.
New outfits
outfit.jpg femail outfit.jpg consept art.jpg

new mount, spooky and scary one...
new mount.jpg new mount.other viewjpg.jpg
Yep its a Spider/bike combo, this has a speed ability that shoot webs out of its adermin.

Work in Progress
Halloween update coming in the week of the 18th, thay will discuss this more Next week.
There will be a new 40 man event for Halloween. The Cat God is Comming

The dark Agatha is coming very soon, thay will reveal more next week.

The next zone is... being worked upon.
Some voice overs have been done of late with famous Human Alive actor..
Scenarios are being worked at to make them better suited for healers and Tanks.