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Event Dark Agartha details drop...

Seems interesting. Anyone know if there will be story here? I saw a steam announcement and let's just say as a purple-level gear user I'm probably way behind on grinding since I haven't played after finishing South Africa.


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The story of it is actually in the agent missions around Jeronimo (the conquistador).
Regarding the rewards - you profit more of 4pip Glyphs if you are not yet maxed out red20 (because of the soft-cap).
Yet unknown if the soft caps will be raised in the future.
But there will be a phase 2 to Dark Agartha and there are plans to give the players additional sources of weapon and talis distills.


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TRANSMIT - initiate grinding contingency - RECEIVE - initiate the looting cadence - OH GOD FOUR PIPS I THINK I'M GOING TO LITERALLY DIE OF GRINDING - illumine the New Daily Chores - WITNESS - Dark Agartha.
LOL that's awesome