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Anto and me are running a small, 20-person Conan Exiles PvE server to check out the game if anyone is interested. No PvP, no destroying other players' stuff, etc. Just good old PvE and world-building fun. Full nudity is enabled so set your own nudity filters where you want them. :cool: The usual LoMS Don't Be a Dick rule applies. If you want details, PM me or Antomas.


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I'd love to. I need more time. I've been wanting to do some exiles, but at this pace it seems I won't have time until I retire, and that's on 3 years. Maybe. :p

Damon T

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I have started playing Age of Conan again after many years absence on their PvE server; whilst it is an 'old school' MMO, I really like the melee combat in that game. Anyway, that caused me to recall that some interest was shown here for this game (CE). So, if I may I would like t ask a few questions.

Do people here still play CE, or has the interest passed?
How much PvE content is there in CE, as it seems to be pushed as a PvP survival game?
Finally, is there any 'magical' combat in this game?

Many thanks and, all the best. :)